Friday, July 22, 2011

Improving Ourselves- Making a Doing Right List

Assalamualaikum WRWB

AlhamduliAllah, Rajjab is coming to an end, and Ramadan will be coming very soon inshaAllah. In 9 days actually. So, I recommend everyone who can, to start fasting, if they haven't already. No need to fast EVERYDAY, just enough so when Ramadan comes it won't be very hard on you.

I just reread one of my favorite books: The Size of a Mustard Seed written by Umm Juwairyah. In the book, Jameelah, the main character, makes a Doing Right List for Ramadan. What she did was make a list of some of the things she wants to do this Ramadan and after to make her a better Muslim. All of us have a little room for improving ourselves, so I thought that was a wonderful idea, so I did the same for me. Here's a little bit of mine:

Samiha Shaheed's Doing Right List

  1. Control your temper with EVERYONE
  2. Be nicer to EVERYONE
  3. Pray more
  4. Read one Juz' of Quran a day
  5. Try to do all the charity work I can, even if it means holding my brother while my mother is busy

InshaAllah, I think that this will be a very good thing. It may sound a little corny to you, but I'm sure that if you take it seriously, you'll be a much better Muslim by the end of Ramadan.

Hope this helps!


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  1. Great list.

    Correction we're in Sha'ban, not Rajjab. :)